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          Rockery in Chinese garden status

          Chinese landscape is a natural landscape garden, the pursuit of natural interest is the basic characteristics of Chinese gardens. In the gardening in the stone cliffs are listed as the first element of gardening. Due to the limitations of private garden space, this requires gardeners to make full use of space to create the artistic conception of the mountain.
          Water to the mountain surface, the water was mountain and Mei; mountain, the bone of heaven and earth also. Therefore, the garden must have a mountain, no mountain is difficult to become a park. Natural landscape is often located in the natural landscape nirvana, foreign natural forest into King; private gardens are often built in densely populated villages and towns where there is no landscape can borrow, only Jieshi Qianshan. Therefore, private gardens tend to reproduce the beauty of natural landscapes in the not too large space, without any traces of artificial ax sculpting, reaching the goal of " "Garden art. Therefore, the mountain landscape is one of the five elements that make up the Chinese garden. The five elements (Dieshan Landscaping, Rishui Landscaping, Building Landscaping, Landscaping, Landscaping). As calculated into account: "The remaining seven quarters, four for the base soil, regardless of high and inferior, suitable for planting bamboo" ("Garden" Volume I).
          It is these characteristics, just to express the endless charm of the garden landscape. As a unique landscape garden - Mountain View, like the water has its own unique ornamental value. From our existing imperial gardens to private gardens, without exception, there are rockery piles, rocky rockeries and earthy rockeries, which are expressed in a way that is unique to the United States. In the natural garden occupies an important position. It is diverse and diverse, easy to coordinate with the surrounding scenery, and it is flexible and clever in change, enriching the garden landscape, increasing the garden space and sense of hierarchy. The quality of the rockery stack directly affects the landscape of the whole park. The relationship between rockery building and landscape architecture is worth every designer and architect to spend energy and strength to pursue and discuss the topic.
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