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          The Historical Origin of Rockery in Chinese Garden

          China began in the garden in the rockery Qin and Han dynasties. Qin and Han Dynasties rockery from "building soil for the mountains" to "stone for the mountains." Due to the influence of landscape poems and landscape paintings on the garden creation in the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, the rockery of the rockery was built in the Tang and Song dynasties. There was a skilled artisan specializing in the construction of rockeries.
          Song Huizong Yu Zheng and seven years (1117), built Gen Yue Yu Bijing (now Kaifeng), and ordered the use of "power stone" in the name of collecting exotic rocks shipped to Bianjing. Since then, people homestead stone orchards, Wei into the atmosphere. Rockery craftsmen are called "mountain craftsmen", "Garden Son." On the basis of the Song Dynasty, the Ming and Qing dynasties brought the rockery art to the stage of "a roll of the mountain and a spoonful of water". Zhang Ming (Zhang Nanyuan) at the turn of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Nanyang, Zhang Yuanyuan at the turn of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and Ge Yu-liang in the Qing Dynasty made rockery art perfect from both practical and theoretical aspects.
          The Ming Dynasty into a "garden", Wen Zhenheng's "long history", Li Yu Qing Dynasty "leisurely couple" in the rockery discussion. The existing rockery parks include "Xuan Xiu Villa" in Suzhou, "Yu Garden" in Shanghai, "Zun Garden" in Nanjing, "Ge Garden" in Yangzhou and "Jing Xin Zhai" in Beijing Beihai, and "Jing Gu" in Zhongnanhai.
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