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          The classification and working principle of floating aeration fountain

          The definition of oxygen-type fountain: water-liter oxygen fountain is mainly composed of circulating pump, UV plastic buoys, stainless steel grille and aeration nozzle. Host the overall disassembly and maintenance easy, floating aerator easy to install, without infrastructure, only the anchor block and cable can be fixed in any position. Adding oxygen to the floating fountain not only increases dissolved oxygen, water, water flow and thermal stratification of the vertical circulating water deterioration, improves the maintenance of water ecological balance to a richer mix of fountain effects, and gives you more lake C leverage .
          General increase of oxygen floating fountain can be divided into two categories: First, according to local conditions, according to the terrain structure, modeled on the characteristics of natural water, such as: spring, spring, atomization, pipe flow, streams, waterfalls, water, drip, Wait.
          It depends entirely on the artificial landscape of floating aeration fountain equipment. In recent years, this water feature has been widely used in many fields such as construction, development speed, breed, musical fountain, programmable fountain, fountain, swing fountain, fountain, light entertainment, Laser and other fields have been widely used.
          Floating pneumatic aerator is the working principle of the motor driven impeller rotating impeller, the water spray into the air to form tiny droplets, water droplets of oxygen back to the lake.
          Huge underwater impeller driving torque A wide range of water flow and turbulence caused by a large number of surface water fountains provide a high increase in oxygen rate, water and water flow characteristics; enough oxygen to maintain water balance of nutrients control deposits And silt accumulation.
          The unique form of water convection, surface water and water change at the bottom of the vertical circulation movement, fresh oxygen into the lake, the exhaust gas mixed release of water surface, the formation of aerobic microbial communities in the lake, which can effectively prevent anaerobic digestion, Greatly reduce the stench of decay.
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