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          Fountain equipment, there are what kinds of nozzles are optional 2018/02/05
          1, ice sprinkler When hoarfrost spray water, the appearance of large plump, sturdy tall and straight, the nozzle installed in the diversion and the water level, the water can be taken out of the water to f...
          Water screen movie produces a sense of nostalgia and fantasy 2018/02/05
          The use of a special projector to play, use of the film is also specialized for water screen film equipment special video. Because the screen of the movie is a transparent water film, there is a special opti...
          Rockery in Chinese garden status 2018/02/05
          Chinese landscape is a natural landscape garden, the pursuit of natural interest is the basic characteristics of Chinese gardens. In the gardening in the stone cliffs are listed as the first element of garde...
          The Historical Origin of Rockery in Chinese Garden 2018/02/05
          China began in the garden in the rockery Qin and Han dynasties. Qin and Han Dynasties rockery from "building soil for the mountains" to "stone for the mountains." Due to the influence of landscape poems and ...
          The classification and working principle of floating aeration fountain 2018/02/05
          The definition of oxygen-type fountain: water-liter oxygen fountain is mainly composed of circulating pump, UV plastic buoys, stainless steel grille and aeration nozzle. Host the overall disassembly and main...
          Precautions for installing and maintaining fountain equipment 2018/02/05
          Fountain equipment maintenance staff management: fountain equipment maintenance staff of professional trainers, electrical equipment maintenance personnel also need to hold a professional certificate; founta...
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