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          Fountain equipment, routine maintenance needs to be done

          We all know that fountain equipment is mainly fountain quality, nozzle, water pump, underwater lantern and other components of several components, each component has its own unique features and functions, no matter what part of the failure will affect the fountain equipment The normal work. Fountain equipment, routine maintenance needs to be done?

          1, water quality fountain equipment
          Fountain water quality equipment does not exceed 15 degrees, and shall not present other colors, turbidity of not more than 10 degrees; may not contain the naked eye can be seen. Water impurity content of not more than 0.1%, impurity particle size of not more than 0.2 mm, chloride ion content of not more than 400mm / L, PH value in the range of 6.5 to 8.5, while also pay attention to fountain equipment, water recycling, when the nozzle is required When circulating water should be filtered. Replenishment of water circulation system should be based on evaporation, wind, leakage, sewage and other losses identified, the general should adopt the circulation of 5% to 10%.

          2, nozzle
          Sprinklers should be regularly cleaned and maintained, the installation should pay attention to the tightness of the nozzle and pipe connections, the nozzle should be set at the pipe threading wrapped with a layer of raw tape, so as to avoid leakage phenomenon, affect the water spray effect, should do Good nozzle anti-theft measures.

          3, underwater lantern
          Underwater lantern is a component of fountain equipment is extremely vulnerable components, so the routine maintenance of lanterns is extremely important. Lantern is best to use heat shrinkable tube and hot sol waterproof; in the assembly of lanterns to ensure the lantern and lamp holder connection is tight, not loose; pipe welding light film, the light must be welded to prevent the use of process In the light shed off; after the assembly is completed, it should be immersed in 5% saline for 72 hours before measuring resistance before use.

          4, water pump
          The pump often appear problems such as no water, water or water out of less indirect, the motor can not start with a buzz, the motor winding resistance to low insulation resistance, the main reason for these phenomena are motor does not start the pipeline blockage, Pipeline rupture, blocking the water screen, suction port exposed water, electric pump reversal, foreign objects within the impeller, this time we must first find out the cause of the fault, clean up the fault or plug, repair the line or replace the bearing Etc., so that the pump can work normally.
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