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          Fountain nozzle products how to choose

          With China's economic development, water fountain industry has been on the real estate market and the development of urbanization. In recent decades, the size of the water fountain company or the fountain association has emerged in the water fountain industry. Waterscape fountains, especially the square music laser fountain, have gradually become the unique artistic buildings for urban construction.
          Fountain design as the fountain of water fountain soul, is the most important part of the fountain project. Taking into account the shape of the fountain is determined by the nozzle, fountain designer responsible for water features design and design of the design. Therefore, how to choose the shower head in the fountain waterscape design, use appropriate.
          Fountain sprinklers to express the artistic conception of the design concept, impact landscape effects of water features, fountain designers need to consider in detail. In the fountain design process, the key lies in the mood expressed by the fountain, Fountain need to confirm the need to confirm, and the use of different sprinkler conditions. At present, the quality of the nozzle is very different from the appearance of similar nozzles in foreign countries. The structure, material, performance, process, nozzle weight and surface coating of the nozzle determine the smooth and steady nozzle jet and affect the artistic effect of the fountain.
          Fountain nozzle can be used brass or stainless steel, the shower nozzle is generally silver white or gold, because this material corrosion resistance, never fade, the service life is twice the normal nozzle. According to the project to determine the design of the main water sprinkler system, but also need to consider the choice of different models of the same water pressure and flow nozzle spray, spray height and diameter, as well as the connection type and installation dimensions. These factors should be carefully selected in the choice of shower nozzle, to avoid design defects in the fountain project construction in the future, leading to project delays, which have a certain impact on the design and construction of water features and stakeholders.
          In fountain design, the choice of fountainhead also takes into account a number of external factors, such as wind, water, spray height, and the fountain's actual construction site environment, most of which are colorless when the showerhead sprays water. If it is the design of indoor fountains, small wind, small gray, quiet environment features, you can choose the hemispherical and morning glory and other thinning, the sound is stable head; if it is outdoor plaza fountain design project, the surrounding environment is Conversely, showerheads, triplexers and swivel heads are more suitable than designs.
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