Loan and Credit Property Refinancing: How It Works

Refinancing property of Loan and Credit Econômica Federal, is a type of loan, was made for those who need high value loans, long term and low interest. It has a line of credit to individuals granted through the chattel mortgage of real property given as collateral for the operation.

  • Extended Term of up to 240 months for discharge.
  • Monthly installments, decreasing and deducted from current account debit
  • There is limit to use as you wish. From R $ 20 thousand to 50% of the property value
  • Credit portability possible

Property as collateral in the refinancing of Loan and Credit decreases interest.

How to apply for Loan and Credit Property Refinancing


The interested person should look for any Loan and Credit establishment to make a simulation.

Remember, too, that the property must be settled and with all the papers regularized. Thus, the bank will make a credit analysis of how much the customer can pay per month and will inspect the property offered in the guarantee.

If all goes well and refinancing is authorized, you will need to attend an agency with the following documents:

  • ID
  • CPF
  • Proof of Civil Status
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Property Registration

What types of real estate come into Loan and Credit Refinancing?

What types of real estate come into Loan and Credit Refinancing?

Loan and Credit’s refinancing encompasses commercial or residential urban real estate, such as houses and apartments, rural real estate and land.

The minimum value of the property for the loan is $ 30,000, but it is up to the bank at the stipulated price for the property. The loan money will come out according to this assessment and repayment capacity.

Refinancing of Unpaid Property

Refinancing of Unpaid Property

Refinancing non-repossessed property is more than possible as it may even be the solution in many cases. Imagine that you are suffocating to pay some bill.

With a secured home loan , you take an amount and you can use it as you please, including paying off an outstanding debt. Since the bank is certain that the credit will be paid, once the asset is disposed of, it charges lower fees.

Currently, real estate financing rates revolve around 0.72% per month or 9% per year, while refinancing rates are below 2% per month. However, this type of credit is not available to everyone. Institutions usually accept properties that have already been paid 50%.