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          Music Fountain Series

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          Swing fountain

          Vertical swing nozzle is to install a row or two rows of DC nozzle on the bracket, each nozzle spacing, connected by the rod, but the nozzle angle can swing freely, underwater under the water motor and power box drag, so that each group of nozzles Longitudinal swing to reach the same nozzle height, like a strip of silver dragon flying in the air. The combination of great momentum, beautiful. According to different pools, the needs of users on-site design, production.
          Horizontal swing nozzle is installed in the spout on the number of tributary of the nozzle, each group of water pipes through the organic combination of jet water column was transverse swinging. Two groups of nozzles on the spray, beautiful and moving, with the sound more luxurious and luxurious.
          Diagonal swing nozzle its basic structure and horizontal swing nozzle the same, because of its left inclined installation, one side of the right tilt installation, spray like Seagull Zhan Yi, free to fly, with lighting and sound control better.
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