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          Fountain is the higher expression of "water art" in the world today. It is a sporty painting, advanced culture, the spirit of the times and high-tech combination of elegant culture and art. It can purify the air, beautify the environment, but also improve people's quality of life. It can play an active leading and promoting role in displaying the style of the times, carrying forward the national spirit, setting the cultural atmosphere, upgrading the urban taste, beautifying the environment and opening up tourist resources.

          Jiangsu dream of the blue water view engineering Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake, the famous pottery - Yixing. The company determined to "promote water culture, good water articles." Adopting the latest international design techniques and advanced fountain making techniques, unique and novel water dancing landscape effects are achieved through the technologies of light, shadow, water, electricity and sound synthesis, enabling people to simultaneously be compatible with the features of visual arts and auditory arts. Complementing the artistic charm of music and water dancing creates a leisure and cultural space with multiple functions.

          Dream of the blue water view brings together a large number of elite fountain industry, there are a number of well-known design of the music fountain project design experts; have engaged in music fountains for more than 10 years of automation experts and fountain programmers. Outstanding professionals, innovative design concepts, high-grade artistic ideas, superb construction technology, modern enterprise management model is my company to obtain a reliable guarantee of quality works.

          Honesty is the image of enterprises, talent is the blood of enterprises, science and technology is the driving force of enterprises, management is the fundamental business.Dream of the blue water view will abide by the business norms, the implementation of modern economic philosophy, well-designed, high-quality construction, sincere service, continuing to provide customers with products and services to beautify the social environment dedication to more and more beautiful and more stylish fountain landscape.
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